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Miriam B.C. Photography

"Pictures or images tell me much more than words."





Love To Shoot

I try to convey to others how I feel when I see something that excites me.

But that also means that if I'm not in the right mood then it's reflected in my photographs.


Capture Every Moment…

It would be nice to capture every moment with my reflex camera. In my opinion, however, not all moments arouse emotions that I want to remember, or transmit.


"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer."
Ansel Adams



What Photography

Rose line

I really like nature and animals. When these are there... I can't resist.

I also very much enjoy experimenting new techniques and ways of photographing.


Lilla line

Being a lover of landscapes, I take advantage of my every journey both near, for example going for a walk with my dog, as well as in distant countries.

In recent years I had the opportunity to undertake several interesting trips to America. Now I often travel to South Africa, where nature and animals are definitely not lacking.


Rose line

Dogs are (wo)man's best friends. It is thanks to my dogs that every day I go outdoors for a walk, where I can see all the beauties that surround me.

In South Africa there are lots of animals, including elephants, which since I was a child have sparked my sympathy.

© Miriam B.C. Photography
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